Tuesday, June 14, 2016


QUESTION: What should I do if my human doesn’t listen to me?
—a baffled Beagle

ANSWER FROM CORKY: Unfortunately, this is a common complaint from those of us in canine form. Most humans don’t understand that “Woof!” means more than “Feed me!” or “Take me for a walk!” or “I have to pee!”

You could try tearing letters out of the newspaper to form the words, “Learn to talk to me.” However, this could result in getting yelled at for destroying the newspaper. You could also try to form these words with your kibble—if one of your doggie buddies doesn’t eat the message. 

There does seem to be paw-sitive movement by some humans called animal communicators to teach other humans to understand pets. Until that happens, our best bet may be to keep learning seriously awesome tricks in hopes humans will catch on that we’re more than just a cute, furry faces!

Again, is it any wonder my eyes are closed in that prayerful position?

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