Wednesday, June 15, 2016


June is National Disaster Preparedness Month. 
Are you prepared for a disaster? 
How about your pets?

The American Humane Society gives a list of Top Ten Items to have for your pet in an easy-to-grab location in the event of a disaster. Those items include food, water, leash and collar, bowls, ID, medications, and immunization/vet records.

Interestingly, several months ago my instincts insisted that I prepare an evacuation plan for my eight dogs and what to take with us if an emergency came up. I’m not a person who would desert my furbabies, so my plan includes items to meet basic needs for both my dogs and for humans—shelter, water, food, cooking, cleaning, personal care, tools, extra clothes, and bedding.

We do have a “bug-out” location where we could go, but my plan includes items that would serve us if we can’t reach that location right away. You can find suggested lists on the Internet of what to keep in your vehicle for emergencies and tailor those to your specific situation and needs. (Search for “emergency supplies lists.”)

I have a vehicle that will carry my entire doggie herd—though we would be a bit crowded—and have decided where in that vehicle I would stash vital supplies like food and water. Fortunately, the seats fold down and there is storage space under those. 

My list is quite lengthy, but I want things that will do double-duty if possible. For instance, a roll of black plastic will provide shelter but could also catch rain for water. Five-gallon plastic buckets can hold our survival items as well as serve as stools to sit on. I like simple and natural cleaning items like baking soda—I can use it to brush my teeth, to clean cooking utensils, and soothe scrapes or insect bites. 

Hopefully we won’t ever have to use our evacuation plan, but it’s ready just in case!

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