Tuesday, June 7, 2016


MEET CORKY! Golden Retriever, loyal companion...

When I came to this family, the three older kids were teenagers—or nearly so. Humans can be baffling—and teenaged girls may be the most baffling. 

The oldest girl in the family showed great courage in dealing with deep, hurtful trauma. Instead of seeing her own courage, she fell into angst. 

I tried to be patient with her. Spent many hours sitting under the trees while she cried, trying to show serenity and love, but she was too caught up in over-dramatization to get the message.

When she graduated from high school and moved away, I hoped she would find another furry who could deliver the message of love, and I turned my attention to the two younger children—at least they weren’t both teenagers! 

Is it any wonder my eyes are closed in the photo?

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