Monday, May 29, 2017


My life changed dramatically when I studied Reiki energy healing. Soon after, when animals began talking to me, my life really went to the dogs! 

When I wrote the book, I Want to Have the Heart of a Dog, my dogs--those who had already crossed the Rainbow Bridge as well as those still living on this physical plane--gave me wonderful messages that life is much more than our five human senses can discern. Much more than our Western culture generally believes. 

Those messages spoke of connections beyond time, space, life and death. They talked about love and acceptance and love and lessons that spanned a number of lifetimes. Did I mention love? 

Our furbabies come to help us, to teach us, to protect and support us. From what animals have shared with me, they view dying much differently than most humans. When they have completed their task, they leave this physical plane. If they want to come back, they manifest a body and return. 

I've become pretty open minded about possibilities over the last decade or so. However, some of what Stewart shared still stretched the limits of my human mind. 

During our time together, Stewart confirmed what I had suspected for some time. He was Tippy--the first Collie I knew as a little girl but in a different body. And so was Duncan. What Stewart told me made sense, and verified Tippy kept his promise to be with me when I needed him most.

Tippy was with me as a Collie during my childhood abuse experiences. He came back as Duncan (a Collie/Shepherd mix) to support me when I finally disclosed my childhood abuse and the dark time of betrayal following the reaction to that revelation. Stewart arrived as a Shepherd/Black Lab mix to be with me when the foundations of my entire existence were crumbling–what I now call my meltdown of 2009.

Tippy/Duncan/Stewart also carried his own burden, which Stewart and I worked through in the week before his death. He felt smothering guilt he had not protected me from childhood abuse.

In the last intense week of his life, we both realized it was not his role to protect me, but to support me in the experiences I had chosen. And he supported me well!

That realization was good news and bad news. With the release of guilt, he could shed the physical body that had been racked with seizures. When it seemed we had found a promising treatment, my Stewart died suddenly in the midst of a seizure.

Once again I grieved the physical loss of a beloved furbaby. However, the passing of that physical body was an odd thing to grieve, because he was still with me–both spiritually and physically–in the body of Tucker, a Collie who looks like a twin to the first form Tippy took in this lifetime.

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  1. This story never ceases to amaze me, with your courage and openness to change, as well as the love your dogs have for you. Sending hugs to you all. Barb