Wednesday, May 31, 2017


You know I’m not really gone. Our connection will not be broken by something as simple as death. Yes, Tucker and I shared the same physical body for a time. But I am eager to return in another physical form to live in peace at our farm.
All who have shared your physical lives are eager for the day when every being is as beloved as the canines who have accompanied your journey.
You feel our spirits especially strong now because the time is near. Many changes in the world have brought us to this time of birthing a new era. The separation from what many call heaven or the land across the Rainbow Bridge no longer exists. The dimensions have merged.
As you have experienced with the canine spirits who have accompanied your journey, so will others find this is true. There is no separation in the other dimensions–the dimensions where we now exist.
That is why your dreams feel so real to you. They are coming to fulfillment.
I know some of this seems outlandish even to you, who are open to so much others do not see. But you are trying to understand with your human brain that which is beyond such limited understanding. Simply continue to believe, and what you know in your heart will become a reality.

Several years after Stewart transitioned, he returned in the body of an Anatolian Shepherd named Dasha, who joined our household three years ago. 

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