Monday, May 1, 2017


I already had a pretty full house when Stewart was dumped–literally–in the lobby of the shelter. I was working in the shelter at the time and was immediately asked to stay with him and offer Reiki. Nervous or upset doggies usually relax in five or ten minutes. With traumatized animals, as Stewart was, it takes longer.

I stayed with him about forty-five minutes and, since it was almost closing time, the kennel manager wanted to let him outside to do his “bathroom business.” It took us about half an hour to coax him outside, then another half hour to come back in. Leaving him that night was tough.

When the decision was made to send him to foster care for awhile, it wasn’t with me. Too many other dogs at my house, they decided, and he needed one-on-one time. But he had already stolen my heart.

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