Friday, June 9, 2017


Stewart (left) knew how
to help Rascal (right)
Though he got along well with my other dogs, Rascal was terrified of most everything, and it was obvious he had been abused, especially around his head. His eyesight also wasn’t very good. You may have heard of people having wavy vision. That’s what was going on with him, so everything that approached him looked like a monster. Of course he was terrified, and biting was the only way he knew how to protect himself.

As I mentioned in one of my posts in May, my beautiful Stewart became Rascal’s therapist. Guess neither dog read the report that humans had basically thrown up their hands and didn't know how to help Rascal. However, Stewart knew what to do. Whenever Raz panicked and started biting at everything, Stewart stood over him and put him in a gentle headlock until Raz realized he was safe and no one was hurting him. When Raz calmed down, Stewart released him. It was amazing--and humbling--to watch these “therapy sessions!”

I don't think any human "intervention" could have helped Raz make such a dramatic change. He became a doggie who will stand up for himself, but isn't aggressive. As I mentioned in the previous post, that's been about eight years ago. Though he lost most of his eyesight a couple years ago--all but shapes and shadows, he says--Raz hasn't lost the lessons Stewart taught him. 

Dog to dog, miracles can happen.

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