Friday, June 23, 2017


His eyes are clouded now, and sometimes he cries out softly, "Where are you, Mom? Don't leave me alone." 

He has always slept on my pillow--from the day he came to be with us. Others had given up on him, but he became part of our family of dogs and humans. 

Another doggie-being helped him heal; showed him how to trust again. He learned to make his way not with fear, but with confidence.

Many years later I became his seeing eye human. Not a burden, but an honor. 

Now that he is older and his physical body has challenges, he needs to know I am nearby. Or perhaps it is I who needs this reassurance. Put your hand on my belly and feel the steady in and out rhythm of my breathing. Touch my leg where the soft fur is growing back. Close your eyes and journey with me beyond this physical world. 

If I don't shy away; if I can step through my grief; if I can be still and connect with his spirit--I become part of the eternity of the Universe. That magical place where our hearts will always be connected. Where our souls merge in the utter timelessness of love. Where I can know the joy and peace of life with an older dog. 


  1. This blog post is lovely. You are such a blessing to know--you help me see things in a larger way. Thank you for that.

    Pippa has survived a surgery to remove her tumor. The doctor was able to do it under a local anasthetic since she can't have a tube in her throat. She is no longer in pain, but is confused.

    So I am working on being grateful for the time we have together, which I think is now longer than I expected.

    Sending hugs. Kiss my little boy for me.


  2. Hooray for Pippa! Paws crossed that what seems like confusion may only be temporary.

    As always, thank you for your kind words. Searching for the larger, spiritual messages is sometimes the only thing that keeps me from sobbing all day and shrieking about the unfairness of what happens to our beautiful furbabies. At least in the search, my sobbing and shrieking are limited to occasional outbursts. :)

    Tucker is finally starting to shed some of his thick undercoat! We got a good pile out yesterday, but he only tolerates me grooming him for so long, then insists that's enough. That's OK, it gives me an excuse to give him extra attention, as if I needed an excuse. LOL!

    Glad you and Pippa may have more time--always good news! (((HUGS))) and doggie kisses back to you!