Thursday, June 29, 2017


One of the advantages of communicating with animals is the deep spiritual lessons they offer if we are willing to listen. My lessons seem to grow more intense as my doggies age--a reminder our time on this physical plane is limited. 

Since my Rascal is at the old dog stage, you might have guessed the messages he offers are more deeply spiritual. This post is rather long, but I struggled with editing it and keeping the message intact. So I'm leaving the entire message. Though meant for me personally, I hope his "woofs of wisdom" bring comfort and peace to other pet parents living with aging furbabies. 

Woofs of Wisdom from Rascal

Just because I can't see through these physical eyes doesn't mean I'm blind.

I can still feel your love.

I can still sense your frustration that all your efforts to heal my physical body don't make me a young dog any more. And that's OK. Even when our physical bodies are gone, the love will remain. Our connection will still be strong. 

We have grown in this lifetime. You and I both made mistakes that have been corrected. Though you may know in your heart that dogs are more evolved than humans, we are still on a path of learning. We have our own lessons. Perhaps on a different level or in different ways, but still we want to learn and have a variety of experiences. 

You will have those experiences too when you evolve to the point where dogs are. And you will evolve. In spite of the frustration you many times feel that you'll never get things "right." What is right? Does that mean perfect the first time with no mistakes? 

We both know that's not the case. Learning means mistakes as we figure something out for the first time. Then it takes practice, though doing the same things over and over triggers your frustration response. 

Yes, look for a different perspective. Can you find comfort in repetition? Can habits become a sacred ritual that bring the comfort you so desperately want? A consistency that seems so illusive in the chaos of this rapidly changing world. The reassurance that your dream will become reality if that is truly what you desire. 

Enjoy the routine. Take comfort in what may seem mundane and a waste of time. 
Relax. Draw out those breaths and connect with a world beyond where you are right now. 
Step into your dreams and make them a reality. Make them real. 
And now you are anxious to go. To do. To accomplish. 
I'll be here for a while longer. So go. My love will be with you, as yours is with me. 

We will be together again. We will always be connected. 

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