Monday, July 2, 2018


Sometimes I do promotions with authors I know. 
June's Targeted for Intrigue promotion 
is with 22 other authors I don't know. 

So I wanted to try something new 
with the co-sponsors of the Targeted for Intrigue giveaway. 

Each day of the promotion, I'm going to post something from the online home of these authors--web site, blog, facebook page, etc.--and share something I find that catches my attention. 
These are my fellow sponsors of Targeted for Intrigue, 
listed alphabetically by first name.
Amanda Uhl • Anna Hub • Anne McClane • Authors Billboard • Bethany-Kris • Calinda B • Ethan Jones • Greta Boris • Inge-Lise Goss • Jacqueline Diamond • Jennifer Vester • Julieann Dove • K A Servian • Kathy McIntosh • Laura Haley-McNeil • Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra • Michelle Grey • Naomi Bellina • Sahara Roberts • Soraya Naomi • Tamara Ferguson • Taylor Marsh

Julieann Dove <>
contemporary women's fiction
What caught my attention:
Tagline "because love is messy"
From her "about" page: "I’m not a morning person"--Boy, can I relate to this!
Interesting--This author has a series of books that follow 
one woman's fictional experiences (Amy #1, #2, #3)--times two! 
There's also the Searching for Sarah series #1, #2, #3.

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