Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Sometimes I do promotions with authors I know. 
June's Targeted for Intrigue promotion 
is with 22 other authors I don't know. 

So I wanted to try something new 
with the co-sponsors of the Targeted for Intrigue giveaway. 

Each day of the promotion, I'm going to post something from the online home of these authors--web site, blog, facebook page, etc.--and share something I find that catches my attention. 
These are my fellow sponsors of Targeted for Intrigue, 
listed alphabetically by first name.
Amanda Uhl • Anna Hub • Anne McClane • Authors Billboard • Bethany-Kris • Calinda B • Ethan Jones • Greta Boris • Inge-Lise Goss • Jacqueline Diamond • Jennifer Vester • Julieann Dove • K A Servian • Kathy McIntosh • Laura Haley-McNeil • Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra • Michelle Grey • Naomi Bellina • Sahara Roberts • Soraya Naomi • Tamara Ferguson • Taylor Marsh

K A Servian <https://kaservian.com> New Zealand
What caught my attention:
From her "about" page: "I then enjoyed a long career in the fashion and applied arts industries including running my own successful women’s wear, children’s wear and jewellery labels...I enjoy several hobbies including photography and making historical costumes. Fortunately, I can combine these two interests and use them to produce the covers of my (historical) novels. The costume on the cover of The Moral Compass was the first one I made. I enjoyed the process so much that I have made several more costumes from various periods that will feature on future covers."

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