Friday, July 20, 2018

Johnny O'Shea was a rookie cop 
living an easy-going, playboy life. 
Until a letter from his dead adoptive father turns up, 
confessing he killed a woman.
Under a shadow of suspicion, 
Johnny returns to his hometown to find the truth.
Betrayed and pregnant by her former lover, 
Rochelle Wymer vowed never to love again. 
She became a skillful EMT and firefighter 
in the small town of Halo, Oregon, 
and pursued a hobby of kick-boxing.

Rochelle's daughter, Ariel, became the center of her life. 
Her mother, Della, came to help, 
forming a female family of three generations.
Seeking the truth brings Johnny into danger, 
love, and the determination to 
win the hearts of all three Wymer women.

Shadow of the Legacy

for a limited time!

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