Wednesday, January 20, 2021

What If Wednesday

What if beloved dogs come back 

to us in a different doggie body?

I believe they do, as my Sophie has.

With her, both times she has been a big, black dog.

The first time she came into my life I was working at the local animal shelter. Her owner had passed away and the relatives kept a small dog but surrendered Sophie to the shelter. When I first saw her, she was lying in a kennel, pretty much shut down. But she was a big, black dog and I fell in love with her in an instant. 

When I learned she was considered unadoptable because of her age (12) and being incontinent, I said, "Well, I'll adopt her!" 

Other staff warned me it would probably be for hospice. They did not expect her to live long. However, by that time, Sophie and I had talked and she said we would have two or three years. I believed her.

When I got her home, I discovered this beautiful spirit had been neglected so badly there was feces matted in her fur. I cleaned her up and trimmed her fanny fur as best I could, knowing she had a grooming appointment in a couple days. 

That evening, this beautiful dog who had given up and was just lying in a kennel waiting for her fate, TROTTED down the sidewalk. 

I cried.

We had three years together that time.

Years later, I dropped by the shelter on a Saturday and walked through the adoption kennels handing out treats as I usually do when visiting. 

Lying on a bed with her back to anyone passing by was a big, black dog. I fell in love instantly. I learned she had been surrendered the day before. I put an adoption hold on her that day, came back to meet her on Sunday, and took her home on Monday. 

Didn't take me long to realize she was my Sophie back in a Great Dane body. She says we'll have five years this time. 

Have you had a dog (or other pet) come to you more than once in your lifetime? 

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